Machine Heads Burn My Eyes 25th Anniversary Tour

Fans lined up early in the chilly Colorado weather this past Tuesday evening to witness the heavy/thrash metal sound of Oakland California’s Machine Head, which would be performing two sets of their music live. As the lights came down, the crowd roared as Rob Flynn, (vocals, lead guitar) made his way to center stage. Dave McClain, (drums) climbed high up on to his drum kit. Followed by, (lead guitarist) Phil Demmel and (bassist) Jared MacEachern. Together they exploded into their song, ‘Imperium’, from their 2003 album, Through the Ashes of Empires. For the next hour and a half or so, the onslaught of metal would pour out from the stage through the fog and strong lighting that seemed to come from everywhere. 

Moving through time, Machine Head brought back memories with songs like, Take My Scars from the 1997 album, “The More Things Change,” and ‘Beautiful Mourning’ from the 2007 album, “The Blackening.” With a little urging from Rob Flynn, the mosh pit was moving and heads were banging everywhere. The band would catch their breath for a moment and Rob would take to the mic talking with the crowd and thanking everyone for coming out on a Tuesday night to support their tour. The first set would end with, Halo’ from their 2007 album, “The Blackening.”

After a short break, the band returned to the stage with one change, Logan Mader was now on lead guitar replacing Phil Demmel for the second set, where the band would play their 1994 debut album, “Burn My Eyes” in its entirety. The crowd was ready as the band started the second set with the first song off the album, “Davidian,”  the crowd responded with a roar and with renewed energy from the break, the pit opened up and the headbanging began again. As the band played through the album, the energy level from both the band and their fans were strong throughout the rest of the evening. Finishing off the night with the last song from the album, “Block,” the band took their bows and then turned to the camera behind them for a picture with the crowd. The night was long but, well worth the time. It is not very often you get a chance to spend an evening with a band performing a show like Machine Head put on this night. This is a must-see experience!  

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Photos and article by Terrell Stewart

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